Notes from Pantera Blockchain Call

  • Alchemy: AWS for Blockchain?
  • Offchain Labs: Layer 2 scaling solution for Eth, solid.
  • Veem: Payment solution using crypto underneath. Like Venmo.
  • Bakkt: Digital wallet solution.
  • Bitso: Over 1 million users, 15% of all assets going to Mexico.
  • Staked: Solution to build yield off of DeFi ecosystem.

  • Are getting into NFTs as well, undisclosed investment.

  • 37% of crypto market is non-Bitcoin and non-Ethereum, up from 16%.

  • Why has gold not done better? Perhaps demand is being captured by BTC.

  • BTC at 233% for 11 years and has no correlation to other asset classes.

  • If 3.5M people hold BTC, price is $700,000… possible in 5-10 years?

  • China Ban is positive signal?

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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