Super excited for DevOps@SPS today! #teamSPS #devops

@wgintz1 sporting the #TeamSPS DevOps@SPS shirt with extra unicorns!

Bridget Kromhout kicking off #TeamSPS #devops event! Thank you!

Great β€” #TeamSPS in Ukraine on the streaming feed for DevOps@SPS.

β€œI put a TCP joke in here. I thought about a UDP joke but figured you probably wouldn’t get it.” Bridget Kromhout Brilliant! 😊

Love Bridget Kromhout description of the act of writing software. Best I’ve heard. Won’t try to paraphrase.

Awesome Bridget Kromhout talk on distributed teams. The parallel of distributed systems opens the topic to tech in great way! Thank you!

My favorite @Twitterrific mute filter: Pleading.

Selfie-as-a-service with Bridget Kromhout! #hugops ? πŸ˜€

Starting afternoon of #teamsps #devops with Jeff Sussna and Design Thinking.

Great talk from Jeff Sussna for #TeamSPS #DevOps event. Great connections to our world!

Nice Kent Tangen and Rob Krystyniak!

Nice! #TeamSPS Selfie!

πŸ‘ #TeamSPS tech is a great place for everyone! Excited with the leadership of our Women in Tech @ SPS group!


Nice β€” #TeamSPS DevOps presentation on AWS Lambda. API Gateway + Lambda = Magic Unicorns.

AWS Lambda is an amazing service. In process of moving WikiApiary bots to using it and API Gateway.

+100 πŸ‘πŸ»

Side benefits of operating a global team! Distributed everything!


Welcome to #TeamSPS John!

NJ team on the live stream today! #TeamSPS #devops

Favorite selfie of #TeamSPS #devops.

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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