Cats Will Eat You posed a question on Twitter that I found interesting:

What’s the easiest/free way to validate someone owns a wallet address?

Easiest way to do this that I know is to have the person sign a message with the address and send it to you. I used MyCrypto Sign Message to connect to my wallet and sign a message. This gives a signature:

  "address": "0x2BdA946a7740b1dDB0fd5C226819170c4DD15720",
  "msg": "This message is from thingelstad.eth!",
  "sig": "0x0827e88dce80cc03769aa34005f1d693be0247aecd433b49d6fa068df9965bde20047da38ac4aa0e51b6b914fd39b225843fa938817a0ced0a04b47a55b8b99e1c",
  "version": "2"

Take that message and use the Verify Message tool and confirm that it was signed by that wallet. 🪄