I haven’t been mountain biking for over 10 years. My Specialized M4 StumpJumper has seen a lot of neglect over the last decade. But yesterday we all hit the Cayuna Lakes MTB trails and had a blast on the single track!

We did the full Galloping Goose trail around Huntington Mine lake. The bike crew at Red Raven recommended it as a great route for a family with a lot of fun as well as easy access to regular trails if you need a break.

I hadn’t been on single track for several years, and it was the first time that Tammy or the kids had gone. They had an absolute blast! Mazie and Tyler were laughing and having a great time on the rolley trails.

We did a total of 12 miles with over half of that on single track. The weather and trail conditions were fabulous. This was the nicest trail I’ve been on. They have built up banks on a lot of the turns so you can hold a lot of speed going through them.

We’ll definitely be back again!