The LEGO World Map is complete!

There are two very notable things about the LEGO World Map.

  1. I think this is the ideal LEGO for someone that is really into jigsaw puzzles. The build of this LEGO is not like any other that I’ve done.
  2. I found this LEGO an overwhelming build. I would typically want to do a LEGO on my own, so I experience it all. This one I needed help, and it really got done because a few others got involved and it was very easy to do each tile in parallel.

At 11,695 pieces this is a big project. I started this project right after Christmas!

Once we got about 80% done with the tiles we could see the end and and there was a strong desire to get it all together. The last half of the build was more fun than the first half for sure.

Thanks to help from Tammy, the kids, and two of their cousins!