This morning we had a mini-fiasco right here at home! Tammy was taking pictures with the Canon Digital Elph. If you are not familiar, this is a tiny camera that you can put in your pocket. Great little camera. She was sitting on the floor taking pictures of Gypsie. I got my big camera and took a picture of her and Gypsie. Tammy decided it would be funny to put the wrist strap for the Elph around Gypsie’s neck and I could take a picture. This is where the fiasco starts.

Gypsie moved her head and got freaked out at the noise of the camera. She immediately went into hyper-frenzy mode and made a bucking bronco at the rodeo seem tame. She ran through the chairs of the dining room table. Across the living room floor. Jumping up and down as she could to free herself. Meanwhile this not-terribly-cheap piece of electronics is draging on the floor, banging into chairs and smacking against anything else nearby.

Gypsie then ran into our bedroom where she somehow got the camera tangled into the pull on our blinds and she actually ripped the blinds off the window! Who would have thought this cat had such mighty strength! She ran under the bed and at somepoint everything got all tangled up and she broke free of this weight on her neck.

Amazingly enough, the camera has some dents but it works fine still. The blinds require some crazy glue. Tammy was laughing like a maniac at all this. It was quite funny but I was freaked about the gear. After a deep breath, everything is fine. I really wish we had video of it though – was really funny.

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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