After multiple delays Dune: Part Two arrived in theaters! Tammy got us all tickets for last night’s sold-out showing at Edina 4. I’m the Dune fan in the family, but since we saw the first one as a family we decided to all go again.

I thought it was breathtaking. It would be difficult for me to pull out one specific area to highlight. The movie was 2h 46m but I never once took note of the time. I was completely there, engaged in this epic story. I read all six books of the Dune series in college and just like that last movie this makes me want to read them all again. The complex world of Dune and all of the interconnections is incredible.

Now, the rest of the family? This will be their last Dune movie. Tammy just doesn’t vibe with this kind of epic sci-fi story. Tyler found it just too long and slow. The violence was much more than Mazie wanted. Overall the Harkonnen’s were super-creepy, dark, and violent for all of us really. I keep thinking that having read the book maybe I experience the movies different than the rest of the family. I also do think feel that Villeneuve’s interpretations of Dune have a lot more violence than the original story, but I would need to re-read the books to see if that is really the case.

Dune: Part Three is in development now. I can’t wait to see it!