Hellweek, Day 2 - The Harper Image

Today was a long ride. 8-) Little over a thousand more vertical feet of climbing than we had yesterday, add onto that wet morning with a hot afternoon (read as your clothing is always not right) and a headwind that seemed to follow us wherever we went, no matter what! However, the “roller coaster hills” were a lot of fun, hitting some pretty good speeds. New GPS method worked excellent, just put it in a zip-loc and throw it in the mesh part of the CamelBack.

This is Don and Foster. Don is from Texas and Foster is a fellow Minnesotan. We road together most of Day 2.

Anyway, here’s today’s ride…

This ride had a lot (let me emphasize that!) of up and down, rolling hills. Tack onto that a couple of serious climbs and you have the reason my quads still are yelling at me. (Notice the new chart, basic altitude and then I’ve added a second line for total vertical feet, sweet!)

Speed was average. You can see today had 3 breaks. This ride looped through the city of Harper three times (hence the name). (Note the new chart here as well, basic speed is in light and an average of the speed is in the thicker line, gives a better representation.)

Heart rate was actually lower than yesterday, averaging 123 (yesterday was 125). Other than that this chart really looks about the same.

Tomorrow is another brand new ride, Southern “Dis”-Comfort. Another 100 miler. Whew…

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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