I’m a fan of Micro.blog for hosting my website. For me it is a great mix of ease-of-use and powerful capabilities. Manton and team have done a great job enhancing and improving it over the years. However, Uploads is one part of the service that I stumble with and routinely wish it had additional capabilities.

Here is my wish list for Uploads:

  • Search by Name: very simply I want to be able to search my uploaded files by name. The use case here is an upload that I found in a blog post and no longer am using. I want to search for it and delete it. Nothing fancy, just basic search by the filename.
  • Navigate by Folders: Micro.blog stores uploads in a folder structure using dates. I’d like to be able to navigate via that structure instead of just seeing one massive tile group in chronological order.
  • Replace Upload: This would be a big one. Sometimes I want to tweak a photo and replace it. Or I find an old blog post with a small image and I’d like to update it with a better picture. I’d love to easily replace the image without changing the URL.
  • Orphaned Uploads: This is an intensive task on the server for sure, but for a variety of reasons related to how importing worked, I realized my blog has hundreds of uploads that are not used. I’d love for Micro.blog to find these orphaned uploads and offer me the ability to delete them individual or in bulk.

I can’t decide if Duplicate Uploads would be a win too. It feels similar to Orphaned Uploads as a bulk task that would run weekly or monthly and prompt the user to do some cleaning up.

These features aren’t gaps for normal day-to-day posting. They mostly show up when I’m doing blog gardening. But having them would be a great add to Micro.blog.