Tammy and I finally watched Oppenheimer tonight. Incredible movie. Everything about it pulled me in.🍿

    Tyler and I watched TRON: Legacy again tonight. It is a great movie and made me think it would be fun to watch in the Vision Pro in 3D. 🍿

    We all went to the new Mean Girls movie tonight. I had seen the 2004 Mean Girls a long time ago but didn’t remember that much of it. The musical interpretation was fun and had good moments.

    We watched Here Comes the Boom tonight. Kevin James is a great lead for this and the story has some laughs along the way.

    We saw The Boy and the Heron today. The animation was beautiful as you would expect from Studio Ghibli. The story was wild and took many turns. Overall very good and will likely watch it again.

    We saw The Boys in the Boat at the Edina Theatre tonight and thought it was a great movie. It was a great underdog story told very well. The theatre was nearly full too — most people I’ve seen in a movie since before the pandemic! Highly recommended! 🍿

    Tammy and I watched Everything Everywhere All at Once tonight and found it a wild trip. One of the strangest movies we’ve seen, but also somehow still all came together at the end and left me happy to have seen it.


    Tammy and I went to see Ferrari tonight. When I saw the preview for this movie we had just been to Italy and visited the Ferrari museums. In the movie there were a few scenes that were definitely shot in Modena and were places that we had been.

    The movie was great. The retelling of the Mille Miglia and the horrific crash that killed so many spectators and ended the race was rough. You certainly leave with an appreciation of how dangerous motor racing was back in the early days.

    We watched Flamin’ Hot tonight and it was great! Wonderful movie and even better story! 🔥🌶️🍿

    Tammy and I went to The Holdovers tonight at the Mann Theatres in Edina. We both enjoyed the movie and particularly liked the retro feel and pace of it. Plus great acting and a good story.

    Watched Elf tonight! Tradition of ours every year right after Thanksgiving. This viewing was one of my favorites. What a great movie! 🎬🎄

    We had a fun time watching Red Notice tonight. Fairly ridiculous and a fun time. 🍿

    We saw Spirited Away at Willow Creek Theater today as part of Ghibli Festival. First time we had seen it and enjoyed it a lot. 🍿

    We saw Gran Turismo this afternoon. I would go to this movie just to watch the racing scenes all over again. The “hybrid” view of the racing overlayed with video game effects was great. Definitely a movie to see on the big screen with the volume up! And based on a true story! 🍿

    We all went to Barbie tonight and it blew right past my already high expectations. It was a fun movie while still covering important topics. Plus, the 2001: A Space Odyssey sequence in the beginning was just delightful! Highly recommended. 🍿

    We went to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 tonight. Enjoyed it a lot. 🍿

    Fun time watching The Lost City tonight. 🍿

    Fun seeing The Super Mario Bros. Movie tonight! I thought the movie was a lot of fun. I enjoyed how they brought the characters to life. 🍿

    We watched Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle tonight and thought it was really fun. Better movie than I expected. Plenty of good laughs and fun action. 🍿

    We watched A Man Called Otto tonight and everyone thought it was an incredible story and engaging acting. Didn’t want the movie to end when it was over. Recommended! 🍿

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