We’ve had our first mis-hap of our Yellowstone Road Trip and we haven’t even left the driveway yet!

Last night a big downpour came through and I left the windows open in the RV. I woke up and was worried things would be soaked inside. But, that really wasn’t a problem. The side windows didn’t let in any rain, they just slant out and don’t really open up. However, some rain did come in through the top vents which I had left open. But not a lot, and a quick paper towel was able to wipe it all up.

The bigger issue was last night I asked Mazie to turn the lights off. Which she did, I saw them go off. However, I didn’t consider that how she turned them off was to turned the main power for the RV off! So everything was off, including the refrigerator, which we had loaded just a couple of hours earlier.

So, this morning when I couldn’t get anything to turn on I thought it was maybe a tripped breaker. But then I looked at the main power switch and noticed the red light was off. Uh oh…

We are adding a quick trip to the grocery store before we hit the road… 🛒😬