Today Tammy put together this years custom Christmas Puzzle that we made for her and it came out really well. It was definitely the hardest puzzle we have created yet. We titled it “Land of Things”.

And here it is put together in 18x24" 500 piece jigsaw puzzle.

We took a unique approach this year. Tyler and I have been having fun with Townscaper so I asked Tyler to create the overall base of the puzzle using Townscaper. He used the iPad and spent a while creating various islands and buildings. We thematically tied each location to houses and neighborhoods we have lived in. We also included our cabin as an island that you had to get to by boat.

After we had the scene in Townscaper I loaded the city on the desktop version of Townscaper in Steam because it could render it larger and export a higher quality image. Using a screenshot on the iPad wasn’t high enough resolution.

I took that image and then we loaded it into Procreate and Mazie went to work drawing on top of it. We added grass, various scenes, decorated some things, a big sea dragon, etc. The details were really great.

Notice the GEM Tomatoes stand that was so awesome in our old neighborhood.

Our old neighborhood in Minnetonka with the Rock’s next door having rocks in their yard.

Lucky is hanging out in the back yard playing with a tennis ball.

I love the lighthouse with people hanging out on it, and the ice cream shop with people waiting in line.

We could have spent so much more time adding special details but we had to finish, we took well over our deadline as it is. It is incredible how much time a good jigsaw puzzle takes to design!

We are already thinking about 2022’s Christmas Puzzle! 🧩