AWS re:Invent Keynote 2017

AWS ECS for Kubernetes announcement makes total sense. Expected and good to see them adopting this.

The new AWS EC2 Bare Metal Instance seems like an RFP checkbox requirement. Or very rare edge case need.

Multi-master multi-region Aurora sounds great.

AWS Neptune has some promise to make graph databases more reliable and usable for applications.

The house band idea during the AWS re:invent keynote seems really odd. Skip…

AWS S3 Select sounds very cool.

AWS SageMaker has promise to bring machine learning to complex problems faster and cheaper.

AWS DeepLens looks like a solution looking for a problem. Cool tech, don’t need it at all.

New AWS Transcribe should enable some nice speech-to-text features in various applications.

2h 46m AWS Keynote. Too long.

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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