Starting MinneLightroom

I continue to really love Lightroom. I've been finding more and more value out of my 35,000 photos with additional metadata. I haven't even really gotten out of the Library module of Lightroom and I'm still supremely happy with it.

A month or so ago I suggested to a couple of friends that we should start a Lightroom User Group. This idea got a turbo-boost when I ran into two developers from the Lightroom team that work in the Adobe office in Minneapolis. It turns out that the Twin Cities is just a great place to do Lightroom stuff!

Tonight MinneLightroom is officially launched! I have no idea how much uptake this will get. We are going to work with folks at Adobe and the Twin Cities Photoshop User Group to get the word out. I’m hoping that we can get some momentum and have a group of fun photography people to discuss how to use Lightroom the best!

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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