Humble Leadership Profile

A couple of months ago I was recommended for a project on Humble Leadership. Matt Norman is doing this project to put together some common traits and practices of humble leaders. I sat down with him for 45 minutes to talk about the topic and he made a great writeup of our discussion. He also interviewed Mike Carey who recommended me.

In my conversations about humble leadershipย with Jamie and Mike Carey, another senior vice president at SPS Commerce and the company’s Chief HR Officer, one common thread seemed to run through it all: Humble leaders resist that all-too-human urge to “blame and shame,” even when the pressure is on. (read all)

Here are the excerpts from the video as well.

This was a humbling experience and a good discussion. I hope others are able to take a couple of nuggets from it.

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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