Family Bike Ride

We have been trying to get a good family bike ride in each day on the weekends. It was a great day today and Tyler got to get his first ride on his new Weehoo.  Tammy discovered the Weehoo really liked it. I’ve pulled the kids in the Chariot (now owned by Thule) as well as the Novara trailer bike. The Weehoo is heads and shoulders over both of them. The trailer bikes always feel like they are pulling my bike to one side. The Chariot was fine but the kids didn’t have a lot of fun.

The Weehoo is a wonderful mix:

  1. It is a recumbent design so the kid is safe, has a nice seat and a three-point harness.

  2. Because the kid rides low, the center of gravity is pretty low and it doesn’t tug on the bike.

  3. The way it attaches to the seat post is well done. It rotates easily and cannot come off.

Tyler loved it. About the only thing that I’m not very impressed with on the Weehoo are the pedal straps. They seem poorly designed and are a pain to get strapped together.

If your looking to go riding with your kid, even when they are still pretty little, give the Weehoo a serious look.

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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