Test Post for RSS Feed

I’ve seen this problem for a while now where Google Reader isn’t getting my RSS feed for days, and sometimes weeks at a time. I have a theory for why it is happening and this post is a test for me to see if my fix worked.


Well, my theory seems to be right. At one point in the past I had setup PubSubHubbub for my RSS feed and a while back I uninstalled it. No reason really, just wasn’t sure I really needed it. I think that Google Reader had flagged my RSS feed as one that supports PubSubHubbub and decided that it would not poll it in the future and just wait to get notified. When I reinstalled PubSubHubbub and I posted this it appeared in Google Reader in seconds.

Seems that once you advertise that you support PubSubHubbub you should make sure to continue to support it.

Update 2

Even the update to this post appeared in Google Reader in seconds. Looks like my RSS feed is back in business.

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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