Downloading and applying iPhone 2.0.1 update. Suggest the 2.0.1 release should re-use the title “The Audacity of Hope”.

Whenever iTunes shows ‘Backing up “Jamie’s iPhone”…’ I should just get up, walk away and come back an hour later. It takes forever!

Maybe I need to push the Turbo button in on my iPhone. (Still backing up after 30+ minutes.) Soon I will hopefully upgrade to 2.0.1.

Is there a name for the syndrome where you sit waiting for a task to finish because you are sure the second you walk away it will be done.

Backup completed. iPhone updating.

I hope that Apple plans to take the next 12 months just on stability. Nothing new please. Just make it all work as well as it should.

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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