Last night Mazie's aunt came over and babysat while Tammy and I went out for a "classic" date -- dinner and a movie. We went to [Wordplay](http://www.wordplaythemovie.com/) at the Edina Theater. It was a fun movie all about the world of crossword puzzles. Sound like a topic that doesn't really deserve a movie? Well, that just means you aren't aware of the annual crossword puzzle tournament and the ridiculous speed at which some people solve a crossword puzzle (just over 2 minutes!).

The movie was great, and particularly fun for me since I have so many geeky hobbies: rc helicopter? rc cars? telescopes? home network? solar power? Watching Wordplay is like getting a 90 minute pass into this world of crossword puzzles. To an extent, you could envision a movie about one of your geeky hobbies with you in the hotel convention center talking to the guy about how amazing your telescope, helicopter, car is.

Fun, lighthearted movie.

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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