Macro Blog?

I’ve had a hard time finding a blog platform that I really enjoy. I tired a long time ago of the WordPress ecosystem. It is a big and vibrant space, but it’s too clunky and now the new Gutenberg changes are causing a huge uproar. A couple of years ago I moved all my content into Markdown and setup Jekyll. I first used GitHub Pages to host it, but then moved it to Netlify so I could have solid SSL. I value the benefits of static sites. But, authoring content in them takes significantly more effort. I miss simply opening up my browser and typing! Having to do git commands and such is just enough friction to cause me to publish much less.

I’ve been very happy with the continued development of though, and a bit inspired by Manton Reece’s site where he has brought all of his blog content into one place. Why not use for longer content? 🀷

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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