Today marks the four year anniversary of the Weekly Thing! Issue 1 was sent May 13, 2017. When I started this project I figured I would do it for a year and then see. Now it is four years later and I’m still enjoying it.

Here are some learnings I would share.

  • Having a well defined structure that I flow content “through and in” has been key to making this something I can do over the long haul. If I started each week with a blank document I don’t think it would work well.
  • It is surprising how often the hardest thing is writing the little intro bit in the beginning. Sometimes I find myself with traditional writers block. Other times major things in the world have brought a seriousness to the week that needs to be addressed. I didn’t expect this when I started this project.
  • Getting a new photo every week is difficult in the winter when the daylight is so short.
  • I’ve been able to get to know a lot of readers more than I ever would have any other way. Email is much more personal than blogging or social media.
  • The rare times that an issue doesn’t go out on Saturday at 7am CT, I often get pings from people asking what is up? I love that. It’s fun that this has become part of a few peoples Saturday morning routines.
  • It is harder to keep up with the email replies I get from people. If you sent me a reply and I didn’t get back in a few days, or at all, I’m sorry. I read it all!
  • I love the archive that is created by writing every week. In addition to blogging, this is a very rewarding activity that I plan to keep doing.
  • Automate as much as possible. This keeps the busywork down. I’ve got extensive automation to keep everything humming.

And now onto the years ahead!