Mazie will be six weeks old in a couple of days. This seems to be a pretty big milestone, at least in her parents eyes, since supposedly after six weeks of breast milk she has now built up an immune system that will keep basic nasty germs and viruses away. This will give Mazie’s Dad and Mazie’s Mom confidence to take her out more, into more varied environments, without constantly worrying about the cleanliness of everything around us and giving sinister looks to strangers who emit a short cough while passing. Really, don’t these people know better than to cough around a baby!

Mazie’s getting much better with the whole controlling the head thing. She likes to be held in a sitting position where she can then survey the room and check things out on her own will. After her rapidly developing neck muscles get tired of this, she assumes a rather odd position resting her head forward onto her chest.

She doing fairly well with the sleep thing. Still wakes up a couple of times and maintains her track record as a pretty loud sleeper, lots of grunting and squeels. Sort of like a pig farm, but if you take that analogy any further Mazie’s Dad will smack you, hard. Some nights she decides she just doesn’t want to sleep and this spirals her parents into despair, as they become achingly more and more tired until they reach the point of misery.

It’s been hot as blazes here so Mazie’s stayed inside most of the time. Her Mom is completely and totally obsessed with her being too hot or too cold. How are babies born in the tropics? Mazie has lived so far in a well controlled 72 degree house. We got a Maclaren Vogue stroller so that she can get outside without being in her crazy, five-point harness car seat. Mazie loves it, or at least I think so.

Tonight she’s taken to “spitting up”, but with a bit more volume than a spit, and only on Mom so far. This seems to be a new thing.

I put up some new photos to share with everyone (including what her Mom has decided is the cutest photo of her and her Dad!). Also note the photo included here, where Mazie is modeling her great Road Sign Math onesie!