Very dissapointed that my Mac Pro has the same video problems after they replaced the 2nd card in the shop. despair.

Anyone know of a good Leopard-happy Mac benchmarking tool? Xbench seems very old.

At this point my Mac Pro problems seem to HAVE to be the original video card. No other viable explanation. Memtests were clean all night.

I seriously feel like giving every computer and device in my house a time out. Start behaving better!

Never even dawned on me to run smcFanControl on my Mac Pro, even though I use it religiously on my MacBook Pro.

Running memtest on my Mac Pro all night long. See if anything pops up. If not, the old video card is likely culprit.

Serious debugging of Mac Pro video problem now. Seems that with the other card out it still blows up. Running single user memory tests now.

Trying smcFanControl to make video stable, probably need to switch do a different card.

Upped my fans and no artifacts since. So far. Hmmm…

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