We made a quick stop today at a fairly busy store in South Minneapolis and when we got out I decided it would be fun to try the new “Come to me” feature that Tesla shipped in v10. I found a spot on the sidewalk where I could clearly see my car. There were a lot of people walking around and three cars backing out with others coming into their spots. I waited a moment for things to calm down and then press and held the “Come to me” button on my phone.

The Tesla Model 3 lit up and then backed out of it’s parking spot. It then stopped, turned the wheels, and started down the parking lot headed towards me. Then a couple were walking through the lane and I lifted up on the button which stopped the car immediately. Then two cars came down the lane and were behind my now driverless car. Then more people came, and I tried to start the car back toward me but it wasn’t real sure what to do with all the people around.

Now here I am about 70 feet from my car, with it blocking everyone else, and nobody in it. So I quick ran down to the car to rescue it from it’s confusion. Lesson learned, only do this in a pretty calm parking lot.