I’m not a gamer.

Starting a post titled “Wii Obsession?” with a statement like “I’m not a gamer” may seem like denial, but it really isn’t. If I’m looking for a fun time at my computer I’m most likely going to play around with some new software, do something on one of my websites, or blather on my blog. I don’t even follow the console gaming world with the exception of information that I get just by being around people I know.

However, I’m really fascinated with the soon to be released Nintendo Wii. I love that Nintendo is zigging, while Sony and Microsoft zag. Instead of going for more, bigger, faster, better Nintendo is focusing on game play and quality entertainment. The crazy remote that the Wii comes with is a big departure, and I think it will pay off. I read about the radical departure of the Wii in the Economist of all places.

Tammy and I got a Nintendo DS a number of months ago and we have had a lot of fun with it. A big part of the fun is different games enabled by a stylus and built-in mic. The Wii’s controllers enable tennis and boxing games where you actually swing your arms around. How fun! The Wii will also pair wireless with the existing DS which could create some interesting gaming options as well.

I’ve made it clear that a Wii would be a welcome Christmas present, however they will not be trivial to get. Who knows, I may yet go back on the promise I made myself years ago – no more consoles!