Comcast Broadband Upgrade - Faster

A while back Comcast announced that they were rolling out a new high-speed option called DOCSIS. I always want more bandwidth but the price tag on that new service made me flinch. It seems that patience has paid off though since I’m getting nearly that performance without upgrading now.

I got a note from Comcast a couple days ago saying that my speed had been doubled. It claimed that with the PowerBoost® feature I now could download up to 15 Mbps. Seems they were conservative.

After power cycling my modem to insure everything was updated I pulled over 20 Mbps download. The upload is what really impressed me though. I’ve never seen an 8 Mbps upload or even anything close to it before. I did two more tests just to see and pulled 20,679/7,440 and 20,929/6,728. I didn’t do these as sterile tests, for all I know another computer may have been pulling stuff off the net as I did them. The numbers are impressive either way.

Nicely done Comcast. It’s rare that I would send them a compliment, but this is a welcome upgrade.

If you want to test your connection head over to and try it out.

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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