Session 0

  • Punk Rock/Computing
    • Break the rules
    • Simple, fast
  • Point of view is worth 50 IQ points - Alan Kaye

Minnebar 12 on Minnebar

  • Random
  • History
  • Ideas on future opportunity

Zen and the Art of Agility

  • Nice Sps plug
  • Why agile?
  • Culture > Strategy
  • Why not time tracking?
    • Software is not deterministic
  • Where is agile right? Predictive v Adaptive v Reactive. Also, very much cost of refactoring

Blockchains are coming!

  • Quick overview of bitcoin but focusing more on applications of blockchain

Introduction to Functional Reactive Programming

  • Reactive overview
  • Functional overview
  • Good summaries and examples of approach

So you don’t hire Jr. Devs? Tell me more

  • Weird discussion.
  • Totally missing the mark on negative unemployment.
  • Commitment dialogue. Yikes.

Privacy for Everyone

  • Fine session. Pretty basic advice.

Communicating When Stuff Is Going Wrong

  • How to communicate bad stuff.
  • This will be final update on this incident.
  • Do not communicate time to repair. Don’t agree with that for production items.

See also Minnebar collection.