TeamSPS Opens New Floor

Today is first day in new #TeamSPS floor! Expect many tweets with photos today. Collaborative, mobile optimized team-oriented space!

Nice β€” #TeamSPS getting setup!

Writable surfaces everywhere! #TeamSPS

140+ lockers to keep your coat and stuff. #TeamSPS

Two #TeamSPS dev teams.

55 #TeamSPS WiFi access points found from my desk.

Donuts for #TeamSPS move in day!

Morning scrum in one of the #TeamSPS scrum rooms.

Nice β€” #TeamSPS new floor.

Another #TeamSPS scrum room.

Great #TeamSPS teamwork space.

Nice β€” #TeamSPS game room getting some use. Galaga FTW!

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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