Quordy - Awesome Game

I have been really impressed with the games landing on the iPhone AppStore recently. I’m hopeful that Apple is looking at the top selling applications and taking some notes. It is obvious that gaming is a big opportunity on the iPhone, and I think it should be a bigger one on the Mac desktop as well.

Tammy and I have been addicted to this newest game, Quordy [iTunes Link]. Quordy is really similar to an existing game that I’m not going to name, but has letters on dice that you shake up and then make words by connecting letters. You figure it out. I like the game a lot, and Quordy is a great implementation on the iPhone. The touch interface is perfect for the game and its fun to shake the phone to start the board.

The best part of Quordy though is challenging your friends. It’s simple and easy to make your online profile in the game and then you can simply browse your address book and pick friends to play. The play is asynchronous which is key. You can check for challenges from friends, or make challenges and they can play when they have free time. There is a running tally of wins for each friend and you can see what words they guessed that you didn’t.

If you grab the game, send me a challenge!

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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