AWS re:Invent - Day 2

Excited for Werner Vogels AWS re:Invent keynote!

Great groove!

@Werner: Excited to have @iamjacknovak spinning on stage before my keynote at #reinvent

Awesome! AWS container service!

AWS is first cloud platform with container support. Yes?

Some CLI geekdom in the AWS re:Invent keynote. Nice!

Impressive Docker AWS container demo at re:Invent!

AWS Lambda announced! AWS Lambda has big potential for #TeamSPS!

Skrillex performing at re:Play!

Expecting a packed Lambda breakout session at re:Invent!

AWS #reinvent should hand out copies of Strucuture of Computer Programs to celebrate Lambda.

Love AWS Lambda bringing cloud scale to functional workloads. Opens up amazing potentials.

Lots of buzz in conversations about Lambda.

Wonder how long until social feeds like @Gnip allow connecting AWS Lambda functions. Seems obvious.

Line for AWS ECS session is insane.

At the most in-demand re:Invent session of AWS Container Service. Packed!

Every session at re:Invent touching on containers or @docker have been completely full with lines out the door.

When did โ€œfleetโ€ overtake the term โ€œfarmโ€. Tertiary impact of all this container talk?

The Container Service slides seem to have gone without review from the AWS brand managers. ๐Ÿ™‚ Refreshing actually.

โ€œServer farmโ€ v โ€œserver fleetโ€. Fleet sounds bigger. Better to be transportation system than farmers?

Very cool elastic container service demo.

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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