My favorite art fair in the cities was a couple of weeks ago, the Uptown Art Fair. (Post from 2005 Tammy and I did our usual routine, going on Friday to check it out, and then going back on Saturday to get our Anniversary present. Some of the artists that were highlights for us.

Gabe Lanza

We decided our purchase was going to be one of Lanza’s paintings. We both really liked this piece entitled “G0L147H vs. Davidia”. It is very wide, and the colors have an interesting depth to them while being muted. The theme is also cool, a futuristic take on the story of David and Goliath.

John Turula

We really liked Turula’s art as well. We have one of his sculptures from when he and Russ Vogt were working together. He’s branched out into some new areas that are really cool.

Russ Vogt

Vogt continues to do some really cool stuff with outdoor sculpture. Nice stuff.

Beth Bojarski

Tammy is a big fan of Beth Bojarski’s work. She was at the Uptown Art Fair a few years ago but we didn’t get one of her paintings. She’s regretted not getting one, so this year we had to make up for that mistake and get one of her items. It’s hard to describe her work, I really can’t do it justice. Wait for her website to get launched so you can see it yourself.

Wendy & Marvin Hill

These block prints are really stunning. The complexity of them, and dozens of layers, draw your eye in for a very long time. I’ll definitely keep an eye out on their work.