First Attempt at RC Camera

Yesterday I received my recent order from Helidirect, a wireless video camera. This little toy is to be put on-board of various radio control things to record video from the car, helicopter or whatever. I gave it a run for the money today, the results weren’t great, but I’m encouraged that it can get much better. Feel free to jump to the videos right away.



I have to figure some things out. First of all, the E-Sky Llama was almost impossible to fly with the 27g of the video camera and the 9v battery strapped to it. It did get off the ground, but it took a lot of force. The T-Rex I just ordered wont suffer this problem, but as it is, not really flyable to any extent. The other issue was my mount on both helicopter and my nitro car. I just slapped it on there which didn’t work so hot. First of all, the car throws a lot of force around and the 9v battery flew off the car. On the heli, there is a lot of vibration that messes with the picture. I also think I need to deal with interference off of the electric motor.

I plan on working on this a bit. Need to develop a real mount that attaches to the car/heli for real, along with a battery carrier. I’m hopeful that will get rid of a lot of the video noise.

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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