Local Burger and Miltons

(Lawrence, Kansas) When doing her research for places to check out in Lawrence, Tammy ran across an interesting restaurant called Local Burger. Local Burger is attempting to create an “old school” fast food experience based entirely on local food sourcing and organic products. The menu is grass-fed locally raised free-range beef. The same in bison if you like. Prefer Elk, they have that too. Everything is raised by known ranches and done right.

And let me tell you, you sure can taste it. We only eat grass-fed beef at home and the taste is so different, and better in my opinion. Taking one bite into that grass-fed burger at Local Burger was just delicious. I wish I could have had a few meals there. I applaud everything they are doing and noted only one thing missing, they don’t seem to compost their trash. Every recycling option possible was present, but no composting.

For the morning we hit Milton’s. Milton’s served an incredible breakfast that I have a hard time imagining can be beat in Lawrence. In fact, we are changing our Sunday morning plans so we can have another shot at their menu before leaving town. The french toast was stunning. :-)

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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