Beastie Boys Bombard Brooklyn

No Sleep Till Brooklyn! That was the last song that the Beastie Boys played at the McCarren Pool in their first ever concert in Brooklyn, NY. I was there to enjoy it all!

I had a nice alignment of business travel and concert schedules and picked up tickets to go see the Beastie Boys in this limited tour following their recent release, The Mix-up. I got to have some great Mexican food and margaritas by Union Square, and then hopped onto the L train to head to Brooklyn. The Beastie’s put on an amazing show in a great venue. It was an outdoor show held in the now-empty McCarren Pool. The weather was great and the Beastie’s laid down some huge beats. They put things together in concert that were just great, mixing old and new songs together into new mashups with giant bass tracks.

If you haven’t seen the Beastie’s, you should make a big effort to check them out in concert.

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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