AWS re:Invent - Day 2

Great seats for day 2 #awsreinvent keynote by Amazon CTO @Werner.

The kerning on the ‘ in the #awsreinvent font could use some help.

Amazon releases RDS for PostgreSQL today! Nice! #reinvent

Great to watch @Werner giving #reinvent keynote.

Wow. New i2 instances are crazy. #reinvent

New c3 instances = super computer on demand. #reinvent

EC2 spot market is revolutionary. Allows a model that has never been available before. #reinvent

Amazon Kinesis for managing streaming data. This looks very interesting. #reinvent

I think Amazon Kinesis just revamped a project #teamsps is starting right now. Awesome. #reinvent

This Kinesis demo has awesome visuals. #reinvent

AWS Kinesis looks huge. #reinvent

@Werner sporting Red Hot Chili Peppers shirt now. Nirvana this morning. My guess is for tonight shirt? Foo Fighters. #reinvent

Foo.doFoo() #perfect #reinvent @jeffiel

Attending the Kinesis introduction session at #reinvent.

Kinesis for stock market data seems like such an awesome fit. Iā€™m guessing @stephenorban and @DowJones are already testing. šŸ˜€

Kinesis streams != Queues.

Saying goodbye to #aws #reinvent and heading home. Really happy I came. Fun things ahead for #teamsps!

Just made my first FaceTime Audio call. Quality is so much better than normal phone.

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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