Rails API using Fluid SSB

I’ve been diving big into Ruby on Rails this week with this class I’m taking. One of the things I found right away is you need to have the Rails API documentation very handy. The main site is api.rubyonrails.com, and frankly it’s horrible. Luckily there is a great alternative at RailsBrain that uses AJAX and all sorts of spiffy fun to make the API so much more usable. Today though I was getting frustrated because I had a slow internet connection and things were taking forever. Enter the solution, a site-specific browser.

My friend Kent came up with this idea, so credit to him for it, but I know he’ll never blog about it and I want to share the love. RailsBrain allows you to download the API documentation as a zip file. It is simply a collection of files and can be served without a web server.

Unzip the files to a location of your liking and then launch fluid. Here is the setup window. For extra fun, I took the logo image off of RailsBrain to use as the application icon.

After doing this hit create and you’ve got a brand new shiny application that runs local, will work offline, is never going to be slow, and can be launched easily via your launcher of choice.

Plus, you can now alt-tab to it easily. Wow! Great idea Kent! This is really great, and it is blistering fast!

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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