Vitalik Buterin is releasing a new book called Proof of Stake: The Making of Ethereum and the Philosophy of Blockchains. This is going to be launched right around the same time that Ethereum makes the transition to proof-of-stake. Buterin is donating all of the proceeds from the book to support open-source public good through Gitcoin Grants. I’m a fan of Gitcoin Grants and have participated in multiple Grant Rounds. I already pre-ordered a copy of the book.

Vitalik is doing a very interesting thing with the ebook though. You can make a donation of any amount and get a copy of the ebook. In return you get a non-transferrable NFT and when the book is published you get a digitally signed copy with your NFT in it. I’m in!

PS: The book itself is also published under a Creative Commons license, another organization that I have been a longtime supporter of. I publish my website and newsletter under Creative Commons as well