We’ve been staying almost exclusively in Airbnb properties for a while now. We enjoy the unique accommodations and the ability to stay in locations that are not served by traditional hotels.

As connected smart home devices like cameras and sensors get more popular it is common to find them in rental properties. I understand why owners want to have connected devices. It almost certainly helps them manage the property. We have some cameras at our cabin so I can keep tabs on the property when we are not there.

Given the frequent appearance of connected devices I’d like to see properties disclose what is in use and why. The disclosure could list:

  • Device type: camera, thermostat, speaker, sensor.
  • Manufacturer: who makes the device.
  • Model: what is the specific device.
  • Location: where in the property is the device located.
  • Access: list every entity (person, management company, service provider) that has access to the device and what they can do remotely.

A disclosure would help give peace of mind to the people staying in the property while still providing the benefits to the owner. It would help answer questions when you see a device that is clearly online and is unclear what it is there for.