This weekend I am up in the Grand Marais area with my friends Steve and Dennys for a photography weekend. We went out shooting today and the weather wasn’t cooperating. We had a lot of grey and dull everywhere, but we persevered.

We shot a bunch in the morning out at Artists Point in Grand Marais and while I was shooting Steve and Dennys busted me for very bad camera management. Of course they photographed me in the act.

Do you see all of my mistakes? Oh boy.

Let me share to help us all be better camera owners.

In circle 1 you can see that I’m actually tilting my 70-200mm lens upwards allowing the hood to catch as much snow as possible and direct little flakes onto the front to melt.

Circle 2 highlights that I have the entire imaging assembly of my camera open and exposed to the elements.

See circle 3 in my camera bag? Yeah, another lens with no cap on the rear element letting more snow accumulate and screw up future photos.

Consider this a public service announcement for us all. πŸ˜€