In the midst of a blizzard Jamie decided that it would be a good idea to take the older kids that had just finished sledding for an hour to town 11 miles away. After clearing the Mazda CX-9 of snow and getting it warmed up Jamie pulled out with Mazie, Nora, Tyler, Levi, and Elsa. The snow was deeper than Jamie expected but they made it up the driveway and turned right onto the dirt road. The road had no clear markings and with the blizzard the snow had blown over everything. There was only snow in front of us and not being able to see the road Jamie drove right off the crown of the road putting the passenger side wheels in the ditch. Mazie, Nora, and Jamie attempted to dig the wheels out and push but the Mazda simply slid further into the ditch. Hector came out to help and we proceeded to make no progress, simply sliding further into the ditch. Denny then came to the rescue with his pickup and tow strap. First attempt to pull the Mazda out actually pulled Denny’s truck into the ditch too and left him stuck. Luckily the crew was able to get the truck unstuck, and a 2nd attempt to pull the Mazda out was more successful. Denny pulled in the truck and Jamie managed the Mazda until we got all wheels back on the road. Finally, after nearly an hour, both cars returned and everyone rejoiced.

I made Olson Family Vacation 20 Blizzard Rescue to remember it.