Yellowstone Log: Day 10, Monday

Weather: clear and sunny, warm. Cloudy into the evening.

  • Tyler and Mazie met and hung out with Nola and Sebastian
  • Rented bikes from Dornans and rode to Jenny Lake
  • Took Jenny Lake Boat and hiked to Hidden Falls
  • Waited in long line for an hour after hike to get boat back and stood with a group of annoying people from California.
  • Waded in Jenny Lake to cool down.
  • Got Ice Cream treats at gift store.
  • Rode bikes back to Dornans with a heavy headwind.
  • Attempted to stop at visitors center but they were closed.
  • Went to Snake River Brewing for dinner.
  • astronomy evening with ?
    • Jupiter and 3 moons
    • Saturn and rings
    • moon
    • Moon closer!
    • Vega
    • Arcturus
    • Mixar and Alco(part of Big Dipper) all three are double stars
    • ring nebula
    • Alberio (double Star)
    • Hercules globular cluster
    • ISS
    • Owl cluster
Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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