Yellowstone Log: Day 10, Monday

Weather: Clear and Sunny, Warm. Cloudy into the evening.

  • Tyler and Mazie met and hung out with Nola and Sebastian.
  • Rented bikes from Dornan’s and rode to Jenny Lake.
  • Took Jenny Lake Boat and hiked to Hidden Falls.
  • Waited in long line for an hour after hike to get boat back and stood with a group of annoying people from California.
  • Waded in Jenny Lake to cool down.
  • Got Ice Cream treats at gift store.
  • Rode bikes back to Dornan’s with a heavy headwind.
  • Attempted to stop at visitors center but they were closed.
  • Went to Snake River Brewing for dinner.
  • Astronomy evening with Wyoming Stargazing. Saw: Jupiter and 3 moons, Saturn and rings, moon, Moon closer, Vega, Arcturus, Mixar and Alco(part of Big Dipper) all three are double stars, ring nebula, Alberio (double Star), Hercules globular cluster, ISS, Owl cluster
Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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