DevOpsDays MSP 2019 - Day 1

Iโ€™m so happy that SPS Commerce can join these amazing sponsors in support of the organizers of DevOpsDays MSP to create an amazing event for our community!

We have a bunch of #TeamSPS members representing SPS Commerce at DevOpsDays MSP today!


Bridget Kromhout kicking off DevOpsDays MSP! Bridget is such an amazing contributor to our great community!


DevOpsDays MSP keynote from Liz Fong-Jones @lizthegrey on reducing complexity in systems.

โ€œHeroism isnโ€™t sustainable.โ€ Liz Fong-Jones @lizthegrey. This is more than an individual thing, itโ€™s a culture thing. Always beware of hidden incentives that encourage heroism in your culture. DevOpsDays MSP

โ€œLack of observability is a systemic risk.โ€ Liz Fong-Jones @lizthegrey. This is a strong way to position observability, and frame it in a broader context. Very good keynote to start DevOpsDays MSP!

Yolonda Smith bringing always important security topics to DevOpsDays MSP! #devsecops DevOpsDays MSP

Yolonda Smith @ysmithnd with valuable perspectives on security. Teams need to acknowledge and address all of these perspectives in order to move forward effectively to create more secure services. DevOpsDays MSP


Jessica Kerr @jessitron sharing Principles of Collaborative Automation at DevOpsDays MSP.

I learned a new word from Jessica Kerr @jessitron โ€œsymmathesyโ€. Mutual learning in living systems. I like giving this powerful process a definition. This is key to continuous improvement. ๐Ÿค” DevOpsDays MSP

This is a great message from Jessica Kerr @jessitron, with reference to John Allspaw, success begets complexity. That complexity delivers value, and more success. Repeat. ๐Ÿ‘ DevOpsDays MSP

Nivia Sedai @Lanooba sharing about the Ghost in the Machine, the boundaries of AI and ML in our technology systems. DevOpsDays MSP

Nivia Sedai @Lanooba with a powerful message highlighting many examples of the negative impacts from the lack of diversity in technology teams. Also a strong message around technology ethics. DevOpsDays MSP

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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