Shoe Experimentation

I’ve went a little crazy over the last few weeks with some new shoe experimentation. To put this in context, I’m a really boring shoe guy. Up to this point in time, I’ve never been a fan of shoes that are “two-tone”, they had to be dark, subtle colors and generally shouldn’t stand out. My dress shoes were all Allen Edmonds, which are great shoes but as my wife points out more fitting for the 50-something crowd.

A few weeks ago we were in Macy’s looking for new dress shoes to displace the Allen Edmonds and I stumbled upon these shoes.


They were two-tone, and I shouldn’t like that, but I really liked them. I got them and decided that I needed to break out of my many year rut. These Ecco shoes broke the mold. It was time to get crazy!


These orange (really bright orange) Crocs were the next to arrive. They are ridiculously bright and at a size 13 look a lot like clown shoes. I think their awesome. You can’t beat them for doing stuff in the yard and even the occassional errand on the weekends.

Having entered new territory with my bright orange Crocs, it was time to go even further. Tammy logged me on to Zappos and browsing we went. She was gleeful to shop for shoes with me. :-)


I love these Campers. They are crazy, and very flashy, but totally cool.


These Gola’s are also very cool, and really radical for me. They remind me a lot of wrestling shoes. They have an extremely thin sole.

Do you have any orange shoes? Go get some. It’s fun!

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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