POAP is more than just a fun crypto product, it is also a business. I put some brief thoughts together on what I thought would be a POAP product that I would pay for as both a collector and an issuer.

As a POAP collector, I would want to pay a relatively small monthly fee to be able to get cool information about my collection and display it well.

POAP Collector - $3/mo

  • On-chain analytics, how close am I to POAP.eth via POAPs?
  • Add annotation to each POAP so I can fill out the memory more.
  • Notify me of POAP drops “around me”
  • Notify me of any POAP Deliveries waiting for me.
  • Credit for 1 mainnet migration a month.

Now, changing hats to the issuer side there are a whole different set of things. What if we just kept everything as is, but added a new POAP Pro level.

POAP Pro - $20/mo

  • Issue POAP by email address, hide claim codes entirely from everyone.
  • Collections/series of POAP.
  • Integration with my analytics service, so embed my Phantom Analytics or other tracking code.
  • Support for external identifiers in claim codes so I can embed an identifier to my systems.
  • Post-claim redirect.
  • Additional metadata added to each claim

I think you could then have a service to provide a “full service” experience for the issuer.

POAP Studio - $500/event, require Pro subscription

  • White Label claim page
  • Design services, POAP specific look
  • Priority support, will hit your deadline
  • Assistance with claim code distribution

And then you could turn both the Pro and Studio option into a subscription offering.

POAP for Business - $100/mo or $1,000/yr

  • Everything in POAP Pro.
  • 2 Studio events a year included.
  • Would need something more.

And lastly, I think non-profits could be a really great avenue to get the word out about POAP. Aligning with non-profits would reach a very solid set of organizations that could benefit from POAP, and be a wonderful brand alignment with POAP itself. Make it super cheap or free for non-profits to use advanced POAP Pro and Studio capabilities.

POAP for Non-Profits - $20/mo or FREE

  • PAOP Pro for free
  • 1 Studio events a year