I recently setup a Reddit Vault so that I can play along with Reddit as they try various crypto features in the platform. I love that they did this by creating a full Ethereum wallet, and you can get the seed phrase. I wanted to see if I could even attach an ENS name to my Reddit Vault and it was easy enough to do.

  1. I let Reddit setup my vault, and then got the seed phrase.
  2. I used the seed phrase to setup Rainbow with that same address.
  3. I transferred a little ETH and MATIC into the Vault address.
  4. I went into ENS and created a subdomain for reddit.jamie.thingelstad.eth and set the address to my Reddit Vault.
  5. I logged out of ENS as thingelstad.eth, and logged in using the Reddit Vault and set my reverse.

It was super simple to do and now I have a fully setup Reddit Vault account, on it’s own seed phrase and totally independent of my thingelstad.eth and related accounts.