iPhone App - SleepOver

I haven’t posted anything about the release of iPhone 2.0, but the approximately 20 applications that I’ve installed on my phone show that I’ve been pretty immersed in it. Developers are still figuring the platform out and there is some cool stuff, as well as some really lame stuff, out now. SleepOver is a cool little utility that I think is a great idea for the iPhone. SleepOver is a simple paid application ($2.99) that has one function, waking up other computers. I’ve spent some effort to reduce electricity usage and my computers are big offenders. To help, I’ve set them to go to sleep when they can. This is great for energy saving, but inevitably you will need to access it over the network and find that it is asleep. You may be accessing it from your Apple TV and need to wake up iTunes. SleepOver provides a nice iPhone interface to send the “magic” Wake-on-LAN packet that will bring the other machine out of its slumber.

Just a couple of days ago SleepOver combined with the Remote application allowed me to switch on my Mac Pro, start playing a playlist on it, and tell it to use the Apple TV upstairs as remote speakers – all while standing at the stove. Pretty cool!

This is a great example of a small, purposeful and useful application that makes great sense to have in your pocket all the time.

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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