Tyler's First Stitches

Tyler had his first visit to urgent care tonight. He was running around the house like he normally does and he fell into the kitchen door frame. He got a pretty bad laceration on his forehead. It was about an inch long. It bled a lot for about a minute and then slowed down but kept bleeding. I immediately sent some photos to my good friend and ER doc Mike (thank you Mike!) and decided to head into the urgent care at Fairview Southdale. When the blood slowed down I could see that the skin was completely open.

We got into the urgent care and the Dr. confirmed stitches were needed. Putting stitches in a very active 22 month old is a bit of an adventure. I held him down while he was wrapped up and the nurse held his head. The lidocaine shot surprised him and that started the crying. The Dr. put in two stitches and I was surprised by the amount of blood from the stitches. Tyler let us all know what he thought of it with plenty of screaming. After he got cleaned up he settled down.

We go back in 5-7 days to get the stitches out. I’m hoping Tyler leaves the bandage alone and gets a good nights sleep. The Dr. didn’t think there would be any scaring.

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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