I’m doing what I consider another fun Proof of Attendance Protocol, or POAP, token! We greatly enjoy our summers at the lake and we have a lot of people join us there. We call our lake place Magic Pines. I love finding ways to commemorate these fun times and I thought it would be fun to give people a POAP token each summer! From that, the Magic Pines Summer of 2022 token was born!

This token celebrates the Summer of 2022 at Magic Pines, the Thingelstad’s lake house. The token can only be claimed in-person by visiting Magic Pines between Memorial Day weekend on Saturday, May 28 and Labor Day on Monday, September 5th. The token image was created via a Poapathan competition by kavishsethi#2327. A larger version of the image is on IPFS at CID QmZXjAZvNSP8z4N4f1HzfJFhDvG1TdVLZLsHHqJp96kgLZ.

I love the custom artwork via Poapathon. I’m going to print out “claim sheets” that have instructions for people that have never done this before, which is most everyone. I think it could be cool to issue a new one of these every year with new artwork for that year.

I realized when doing this that Magic Pines itself should have one, so magicpines.eth is all setup now! Maybe it will become a DAO for the family at some point. 😊