I met with Bevcomm on July 1 2023 to give them the go ahead to install fiber at our cabin. They thought it would take about a year and today — one year and two days later — it was installed and activated! Bevcomm sent two technicians out and everything went very smooth.

I had made several upgrades to the network infrastructure in preparation. I don’t have ethernet here and was using ethernet-over-power adapters before with Eero infrastructure.

I knew I wanted to switch everything to UniFi. I use UniFi at home and am very pleased with it. I decided to use the existing coax wiring for the backbone using MoCa adapters. Each of the four MoCa adapter then has a little 4-port switch. I’ve also got 2 WiFi 6 LR access points and a UniFi U6 Mesh access point that is installed outside. I’ve now got direct line-of-site for my external network devices. External WiFi signal is way better!

Today the last part clicked in with the fiber getting turned on. I provisioned 500 Mbps service. I didn’t think full gigabit made sense. Speeds look great and response times are very snappy.