We had a fabulous day on the trails with snowmobiles! We got to Lake Vermillion Houseboats right at 9a to get our snowmobiles and helmets. We were on the trail in no time. We hadn’t had breakfast so we stopped in Tower after a short ride across Pike Bay at Good Ol’ Days Cafe for a “greasy spoon” breakfast. It also served as a quick gear test and we realized the folks were going to need some help with warm hands. We picked up a bunch of hand warmers at the gas station and then we hit the trail for pretty good loop.

I’m not sure on the total distance but we were out on the trail for a bit over 3 hours after breakfast. The hand warmers were a big help and we had a great time. I thought the distance was just right but mostly everyone else thought we could have ended an hour earlier. πŸ™‚ I also wasn’t that cold when we got done and everyone else felt pretty cold. πŸ₯Ά